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Мегашторм в Англии. Не выдерживают даже скалы

Сайт рок арки в Porthcothan Бэй, который был разрушен в результате недавних штормовРок арка на Porthcothan залива на фото в 2013 году, прежде чем он был разрушен в результате недавних штормов

Ahead of the storm: How the monkey hut appeared last year before today's swell hit the harbour in Cornwall

Astonishing: People photograph enormous waves as they break on Porthcawl, South Wales, where very strong winds and high seas create dangerous conditions

Danger: People were still gathering to watch enormous waves as they break on Porthcawl, defying guidance from police and the Environment Agency

Stay away from the seafront: Waves crash against the promenade in Aberystwyth, Wales, as strong winds and high tides continue in western Britain

Island: The latest storm to hit the UK is causing disruption for many people returning to work after the Christmas holidays

Protection: As the River Avon rose, people in one Bristol street hoped a new piece of council equipment would stop floodwater pouring into their homes

Preventative measure: Homes were protected against the flooding by sandbags on Langstone High Street in Havant, which lies just north of Hayling Island

Like a painting: A storm approaches the seafront at Falmouth, Cornwall, just after sunset last night

Disaster zone: A near-deserted sea front as local residents are advised to keep away while storm-driven giant waves batter the promenade of Aberystwyth

Falling down: A handful of businesses and hotels were also preparing to evacuate staff having already been forced out late on Friday evening and over the weekend

This house sits marooned in the middle of flood water after its homeowner ingeniously spent three years building a 6ft high clay bank to protect it


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